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Why Blog?


Why in the world blog?


It always seemed a bit…odd, and NOT something I’d want to do.  Somehow, this morning as I sat and pondered  this subject came up.  Why?  Cause I was realizing some cool things about God’s Will and how He is often not recognized as the “primary cause” behind so much in our lives.  As I rushed to write down my thoughts so I could remember them…I wondered …how could I organize these things I want to keep and remember?

I’ve tried a spreadsheet with notes, but…no good.  I just don’t keep it up.  I’ve tried note cards by my chair so I could keep notes of things. But, alas, they now clutter up my desk with thoughts I can barely decipher.  So how to keep ideas from fading into the fog of my daily routines?

I do keep a journal, but it is super personal stuff which doesn’t often work into ideas or scripture wows or stuff like that.  It is mostly letting my mind flow onto paper rather than “oh, I want to remember that!”  Its not the right format.   I know because I’ve kept journals for the last 22 years.  And, its not searchable when I want to go back and find something–tough to do if I don’t recall when I journalled something.

In my morning notes was a “#3” item to remember.  It was “look into a blog”.  I Googled it, found a nice blog posting about blogs, and somehow ended up signing up and actually starting this!