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Wait on the Lord…

This concept of waiting on the Lord has never been so real to me as it is right now. With Linda’s terminal prognosis, and cancer that has spread through her body, and with the possibility of things literally changing in hours…I understand “Wait” better than ever before.

This whole new phase of our life is so clearly bathed in Grace. So many layers of His provision in the unfolding of this situation as well as in the progression so far. Lots of Grace bombs–events that explode into our realization as God’s Grace and we’re sometimes surprised! And, we ask ourselves, “why are we so surprised? Didn’t we pray for ….?” But more than those answers and provisions are the neat little gifts He has thrown at us. Little things we can see so clearly as tender mercies, little love gifts that only the Giver and receiver understand the significance of. So many. So many.

The situation is clearly under God’s Sovereignty. And, He has answered our prayer, “Thy will be done” as well as “let us see your will in all this”. What is His will? It appears to be that Linda will die in the next few months.  But, there is emerging another wonderful layer.  That Linda, because of her imminent death,  will have an amazing impact on many people she cares for.  We see that not only has Linda had an impact on many people by her life, but now, we see that her death may have a secondary and possibly greater impact on many as well.  Such Grace!!  To have one’s life revealed to be so used by God in so many lives, but, to also have your death used as an amazing tool to impact just as many lives.  Or to impact them even further…or to challenge them in new ways…or to have leverage to cut thru the crap of human issues and speak Truth…or to simply leave someone with words and encouragement they will NEVER forget!

All that is truly wonderful.  But, when will all this happen?  How much time does she have?  When will things wind down aggressively and transition her to her new body?  We don’t know.  We won’t know.  And, we wait.  Literally, wait.  And, clearly, we are waiting on the Lord…to see such things unfold.  To see Him working in her circumstances.  To see people drawn to her due to her impending death, compelled to be with her, anxious to speak with her, simply wanting to be with her before she’s gone…Listening intently to every word she says…between gasps sometimes.

When we don’t know how much time we have, we wait on the Lord.  When we don’t know what will happen and how we might be used, we wait on the Lord.  When we wish to see how He will unfold a situation, we wait on the Lord.  When we are unsettled, confused, worn out, emotionally distraught, and have trouble knowing even what day it is…we wait on the Lord.

We wait on the Lord for Linda to depart.  To transition from her worn out cancer ridden body into a new wonderful body, and to be “with the Lord”.




Will God…?


After facing the question of “Did God…?” I found myself also facing the “Will God…?”  Question.  And there IS a huge connection!

How often we find ourselves wondering “Will God”  do this…or that?  I’ve asked, maybe I need, maybe I want…for myself or someone else.  But…Will God…do this thing I’m desiring?  Somehow, it seems if I’ve seen a bunch of “Did God” questions answered with “YES!” it would make believing He Will do the next thing easier.  It seems, yes.  But…

Children of Israel stood and saw God Do great things with the Egyptians following them.  They saw the Red Sea open for them and close on the Egyptians, killing all their enemies.  Wow–what an amazing thing they saw God Do.  Later, as they faced a shortage of water…they probably wondered, “Will God…?”  Will God provide the water we so desperately need?  They faltered and didn’t believe God would…

I’m so much better, right?  I have so many “Did God…?” events in my life, and so very many examples of God causing Good in my life.  And, I falter just like the Children of Israel did.  I’ve always felt they were such idiots to falter and fail to believe after seeing such amazing things  (Like the other miracles in Egypt).  But…

I have so much more.  I have God’s written Word with hundreds of pages of HIS direct communication, countless examples of His activity and miracles, and so many Promises to us as Believers…on top of 40+ years of seeing so many “Did God…?” events…And, I FALTER and fail to believe when faced with “Will God…?” events!!!

So, who is really the idiot?  The Children of Israel, or ME with so much more by way of events and evidence?  Whose failure is worse? Clearly…it is  MINE!!!

I have so very much more than they ever did and…I still falter so many times when I get to “Will God…?”

Who Is Doing It?



Once we get our heads around the wonder of a relationship with the God of the Universe questions pop into our heads.  And, if He is Lord of our lives…how exactly is He Lord?  How does He do it?  How do we submit to it?  Do we close our eyes and let things ooze through our finger tips?  Do we let God be Lord like some sort of “use the Force” mystical process?  Answers are few and things are not clear on the mechanics.

As I look at my life I have to ask “Who is Doing it?” often.  Under my “Did God…” ponderings, I wonder out loud did He actually intervene or involve Himself in this or that?  I’ve got another Did God which I’ll probably call Did God 2 that is still in my notes.  But, several threads emerged this morning.  “Did God?” affects another area which I call “Will God?”   That’s where it hasn’t happened, we want it to (or need), and we wonder “Will God…?”  And, is this where faith comes in?  We wonder “Will God…?” and we need to trust that He Will!

Other things seem to tie in to these thoughts.  Again, the whole thing about luck for the believer.  Is there anything like luck, or is it only blessing?  Proverbs seems convinced “the throw of the lot is in the hand of the Lord” and seems to repeat that theme.  No luck, its in the hand of the Lord!    What about my skills and efforts?  How do those tie in?  Am I essential or not?  God works mediately but how does that affect the details of my life?  Does He use my skills, my involvement, or my efforts?  Finally, what about Rest?  How do these things tie into Rest?  Do they actually tie in somehow?

Gradually, I’m seeing they do.  I can only see the structure ever so faintly.  This morning it seemed so clear.  I have notes, little diagrams, but when I go to explain it, even to myself, will it be clear?  Not sure.  But I’m seeing a faint but clear structure or outline.  And, I’m actually excited since I’ve struggled with these thoughts for a long long time.   Today, for the very first time, I “saw” briefly a dim outline which answered some of those questions.

Things Done For Us


Is it important to realize when someone has done something for us?  Obviously I’m thinking first of all that God does for us.  Seems there’s an illustration that is close to home for me…literally.  When I have a weekend at home I try to do things for my wife, often when she is at work on Sunday.

Several things can happen.  If she sees what I have done–she comments.  “Thanks for doing ______”  Sometimes she doesn’t notice what it is I did while she was at work and I will get a thanks for “everything you did for me”.  Kind of a catch all, she knows I did stuff but hasn’t yet seen it so…”everything you did for me”.

So, here’s the interesting question.  If she doesn’t see something done…is is valueless?  What is the value of something I’ve done that she hasn’t realized?  There is some value, of course, cause it was done FOR HER.

With some things, I just tell her,  “here’s what I did for you…”  And,  I get sincere  thanks from her for whatever it was.  She knows I’ll do stuff….just not specifics of what I did that day. If she asks for something that is the most likely stuff I’d do!  I know its important to her since she actually requested I do it for her.

** But here is the thing I’ve noticed.   When she sees, she uses/avails herself of it, and then she responds…that is the most valuable/meaningful situation!  Isn’t it?  I did something and she sees/enjoys/responds.  It seems to maximize the impact on both of us…


Interesting dynamic between asking, seeing, thanking, feeling loved/blessed…


Did God…?

Deck & View

Was God involved in that or did it just happen?  When I got this cool place to live in Portland, was it a gift from God and did He have something to do with it?  We tend to lean toward “yes, of course He did!” on larger stuff.  Jobs, homes, cars, spouses.  The big stuff is easy to attribute to God.  And, hopefully, we’re aware and grateful for such things.

What about less important things?  Did the used TV I just found for a super price have God’s involvement?  What about that book I’ve enjoyed so much?  The taste of that meal I just consumed?  So, where do we draw that magical line that separates the “God blessed me” from the “it just happened” items.   Let’s see…car or bigger He’s involved, Tv or smaller not?  What if it is a big screen does that change it?  Get’s a bit confusing.

We naturally think He is so big He can’t be involved in any less than the biggest of life’s issues.  Marriage, jobs, houses, cars…we know the stuff–it just seems obvious.  He’s got time and interest in those things and so when they happen we’re aware and grateful.  We may even publicly acknowledge it or put it on Facebook.

The part I find confusing is determining when it is big enough, and when it is just things happening.  Small TV no, big screen yes?  Hmmmm.  What if it isn’t size or value that makes a difference?  What if, it is simply the impact it has on us?  Could that determine whether or not God was involved?  Even a small TV, if it really hit me that it WAS indeed a blessing, could be God involved.  Do my emotions or how much I pay attention make the difference?  So then, what is it that does?  And where is that line that separates so I can know and respond appropriately?   Where is that line…?