Why Are We Doing This?


As I looked at an article on Hillary mentioning so many appearances in the past 6 weeks and the toll it takes…I wondered why?  All this work, all these years of working toward something…for what?  To be president?  Is it worth it to wake up with even more pressure in your life?  And when do you stop to enjoy all that you already have?

I saw a headline for Taylor Swift’s success the same day.  She’s doing well, running hard, seems to have a good head on her shoulders…at least for a media star.  I asked again why?  Why is she working so hard each and every day to build her career?  More money?  She has so much already.  More fame?  She’s one of the best and most famous.  So why?  To be remembered?  To be …what…?  Why is she doing this?  I wonder if she can answer that question.  Does she realize all that she is giving up for it?  Time with family, time with friends, time to even have a family or close friends…I have to shake my head and wonder.

It also reminds me to ask myself the same question.  My answer comes quick, maybe to quick.  Why am I doing this?  To grow, to be ready for eternity with my Heavenly Father, to encourage my family to do the same, and…well, I want to enjoy my remaining time in this body.  To enjoy time with my amazing wife.  To enjoy my sons and their wives (more like daughters).  To enjoy every moment possible with my grandchildren.  Not just to get somewhere or build something…but to revel in all the amazing stuff I ALREADY have…and I have soooo much!

If all we have is our earthly success then it makes sense to spend every waking moment building or growing your political career or your fame as an entertainer.  And you may even succeed.    But to spend so much of our time, and give up so many opportunities to enjoy these moments that will never again be ours, just doesn’t seem worth it.  President or most famous singer ever or most successful businessman–what was the overall quality of your time on earth?  And for a believer, how effectively did you use your time and talents to “grow in Grace and Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ” or “become conformed to the image of His Son”?

It really struck me hard as i pondered Hillary and Taylor– I felt so empty for them!  And I felt so good for the warmth and good of living for growth and enjoyment of God’s Grace.  No presidency, no fame, little money/status.  But, so much Grace and Growth to literally fill me with Joy!  It was a nice reminder today.

Who Is Doing It?



Once we get our heads around the wonder of a relationship with the God of the Universe questions pop into our heads.  And, if He is Lord of our lives…how exactly is He Lord?  How does He do it?  How do we submit to it?  Do we close our eyes and let things ooze through our finger tips?  Do we let God be Lord like some sort of “use the Force” mystical process?  Answers are few and things are not clear on the mechanics.

As I look at my life I have to ask “Who is Doing it?” often.  Under my “Did God…” ponderings, I wonder out loud did He actually intervene or involve Himself in this or that?  I’ve got another Did God which I’ll probably call Did God 2 that is still in my notes.  But, several threads emerged this morning.  “Did God?” affects another area which I call “Will God?”   That’s where it hasn’t happened, we want it to (or need), and we wonder “Will God…?”  And, is this where faith comes in?  We wonder “Will God…?” and we need to trust that He Will!

Other things seem to tie in to these thoughts.  Again, the whole thing about luck for the believer.  Is there anything like luck, or is it only blessing?  Proverbs seems convinced “the throw of the lot is in the hand of the Lord” and seems to repeat that theme.  No luck, its in the hand of the Lord!    What about my skills and efforts?  How do those tie in?  Am I essential or not?  God works mediately but how does that affect the details of my life?  Does He use my skills, my involvement, or my efforts?  Finally, what about Rest?  How do these things tie into Rest?  Do they actually tie in somehow?

Gradually, I’m seeing they do.  I can only see the structure ever so faintly.  This morning it seemed so clear.  I have notes, little diagrams, but when I go to explain it, even to myself, will it be clear?  Not sure.  But I’m seeing a faint but clear structure or outline.  And, I’m actually excited since I’ve struggled with these thoughts for a long long time.   Today, for the very first time, I “saw” briefly a dim outline which answered some of those questions.