Privilege or Genie?

Is God really just a cosmic Genie?   Does He just live to do things for us, to provide, to fix our problems, to answer our prayers?  So much of our current thinking about Christianity and God seems to have this slant.

“God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”.  Yes, He does, and it is in His Word.  But, our slant leans toward a specific life roadmap.  A roadmap where God tells us, “Here’s your college plan, your spouse, your job, your ministry, etc.”  It is a  nice outline of things from the moment we believe to our death.  Nice, comforting, reassuring …especially as we face so many challenges and decisions–hey, I’ll just seek God’s specific will in this and it will be cool!  So, we’ll pray, read the Word, share with friends  (I’m seeking God’s will in this…”)  maybe even post our seeking on Facebook.  And, at some point we’ll seemingly get God’s telegram about what to do.

It also seems that the “wonderful plan” is a custom crafted one, just for us.  Specific to ME, not something generic or the same as anyone else’s.  Something totally custom…showing just how special I am.  In fact, with millions of Christians, God must be crafting these custom plans for their lives on an almost full-time basis!

So, the Sovereign God of the Universe has created us and given us the privilege to know Him…overwhelming as that is…but, we want to think He just lives to make our lives go well?  To direct the details and tell us at every turn what “God’s Will” is for us?  Really?

And, as it follows,  we’re so important that if we fail to get God’s will and do something, for God, things may get screwed up.  We might foil His bigger plan or fail to give enough or…whatever it is, He NEEDS me to do my part or things could mess up.  Really?  Sovereign Omnipotent Omniscient Eternal God who created all that we see and don’t see,  but ,  desperately needing me to get with it and do my part!  I’m NEEDED for the proper operation of God’s plan and world!

That’s what it boils down to.  Who is the center of the universe.  Is it me or is it God.  So much of our Cosmic Genie thinking presupposes we’re so important.  Basically, it is all about us.  We’re central!  In reality, God is Sovereign and we’re amazingly privileged not only to know Him but to spend Eternity knowing Him.  It is NOT all about us, no matter how we disguise it as “seeking God’s will” or “living the Christian life”.  It is about God, and his Awesomeness, and breath taking worship inspiring opportunity to be one of His.  If we can’t understand that we are going to miss out on so much Joy and Thrill and Euphoria as created men and women born into His Family.