What is Good About Cancer?

So, the cancer is there, big time.  PET Scan found it has spread to liver, lungs, bone, possible more including the brain.  Very late stage.  Technically my wife has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer that has spread to multiple locations and is not curable.  Surgeon who did this last surgery saw much and though couldn’t tell me how long she had…said kindly, “months, not years”…after telling me what he saw was “as bad as it gets”.
But, we also see something wonderfully different.  30 years ago, when they found a large tumor in her breast, and that it had spread into her lymph system, we were given at best 50% chance of 5 years.  We asked the Lord for time to raise our sons, aged 4 and 6.  We asked for 5, maybe 10 years.  While we waited, her friend diagnosed with similar breast cancer died within 6 months.  Linda didn’t.
What we see now, is that God answered our prayers.  He gave abundantly, not 5, not 10, not even 15 or even 20 years…HE gave us 30 wonderful amazing years of cancer free healthy LIFE.  What an amazing answer to prayer!!!  She saw her sons grow up, graduate, marry, and now has seen 4 wonderful grandchildren…and played with them.  She has loved having two amazing daughters (in law).  We couldn’t have more children due to the first cancer and she desperately wanted a daughter.  She got two!  and now she has three grand daughters as well.  So much GRACE!
We weep with gratitude for those amazing years, freely given by such a Loving and Generous Heavenly Father.   Now, when that time freely given has come to an end, He further blessed us by letting it be unknown till now.  Letting her LIVE without the pall of cancer hanging over her head.  We were able to LIVE joyously and fully.  Now, as her time is up, and He has called her to soon be with Him, how can we not be overwhelmed with gratitude for those 30 years??  Yes, of course we weep.  I can barely see the screen thru my tears right now…but they are a sweet mixture of powerful gratitude as well as the tears of sorrow for how I know we’ll desperately miss each other.  The more intense the grief, the more wonderful must have been the gift He gave us.  And, we weep intensely.  Just one more example of His Love and Grace…

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