Blessings & Life’s Details

When God Blesses us or gives us something amazing…does it mean that life’s details are suspended?  If He miraculously provides an ideal low mileage car that I thought was not even possible, and when it turns out to be right here in Portland, does that mean it can’t get a flat tire?  Or have its alternator stop working?  Do the normal details of life stop just because God has acted on my behalf?

I used to wonder why God told us so many details about the children of Israel in the old testament.  How applicable could that be to us?  Really, a bunch of nomadic complainers is somehow relevant to my life and understanding?  Oh yeah!  And, this part about Life’s Details really applies.  
God gave Israel amazing victories over the people in the promised land.  Jericho for example–a clear miracle of God’s gift to them.  So, after Jericho–was there stuff to do to deal with the booty and bounty God had given them?  Did they have to sweat and work hard to gather all the gold and jewels and did they have to carry and sort and somehow store all this wonderful stuff they gained from this battle?  Yes!  Did anyone get hurt?  Sprained ankles, dirt & grime, tripped and fell, got scratched on thorns or jagged metal?  Yes!  Was it hard work to carry and load and deal with all this wonderful stuff that resulted from His Gift to them?  Yes!  Did life’s details stop because God had given them this amazing victory? No!

There were other battles too.  Even if God gave them victory, did some get injured?  Did some possibly die?   Did they have to train and stay in shape?  Yes!  Life’s details did NOT stop just cause it was of God!

When God blessed me with the most amazing wife a man could have…did it mean she couldn’t get sick, or have a bad day or maybe even get cancer?  Did it mean she’s always in a wonderful mood and never has a headache?  No, there is no doubt I was blessed big time with this amazing woman but it did not mean God suspended life’s details, sickness, pain, or even…cancer…And yes, that wonderful miraculous low miles Audi found right here in Portland, for half its normal price…did breakdown with a bad alternator.  And yes, that amazing woman God gave me and Blessed me to no end…she did get cancer, twice…But, just as His Blessings aren’t limited by life’s details…I can still give Him thanks because my gratitude and praise aren’t limited by life’s details either.

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