Flowers on the Porch

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If God does something for me and I don’t realize it does it not matter?  Did it not happen because I don’t realize it happened? I wondered that as I realized His work in my life, sometimes years AFTER it happened.  Was it less a Blessing cause I didn’t realize it?  No, I don’t think so but it does change some things in me…

When our eldest son sent his mother flowers after her hospital stay last year…they delivered the flowers and left them on the front porch.  No note, no notice, and we didn’t realize the flowers were there till days later.  Even then, the absence of a note meant not knowing for sure who sent them.  We eventually figured it out but…we didn’t know…

So, did not knowing they were at the house change the fact the gift had been given?  No.  Did not finding them for a couple days change that they had already been “delivered”?  No.  Did not even knowing WHO they were from change Who they were from?  No!  The fact of the gift, the giver, and the love it represented did NOT change because we we late to the party!  We didn’t know, we didn’t acknowledge, we didn’t feel gratitude, and we weren’t immediately impacted…even though the fact of the gift was absolute!

How many times has God sent us flowers?  How much Love has He expressed that went unseen, unrealized, and thus… ignored?  Wow–could it be that our life has been one continuous series of such things…and we just didn’t know, or didn’t see, or missed the significance of?  Oh yeah!  How many flowers have been sitting on our front porch…never seen at all?

How much does it matter?  It matters a lot.  

1.  I can’t respond or give thanks.

2.  I miss out feeling the tangible love the gift represents.

3.  I don’t grow in my relationship with the Giver

4.  I don’t increase in my understanding of the Giver

I miss out on more than the Gift itself–I miss out on all the wonderful feelings and emotions that gifts elicit.

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