Delayed Delights


God does indeed Bless us over and over.  Sadly, often, we don’t see it.  Why don’t we see it? Several possibilities, I suppose.

Maybe I just don’t know the gift is there.  Flowers on the Porch? Maybe it is buried under many layers of events and emotions.Maybe my understanding is such that I just can’t see the Good and Blessing in the event. Maybe my attitude is horrible, or selfish, or twisted by bitterness/anger. Maybe I just don’t want to see…

Sometimes…we see it much later after looking deeper or just seeing something we missed back when it happened. What should I call it when I finally see some wonderful act or Gift from God in my life much later, often years later?  How about Delayed Delights!   Delayed, for obvious reasons.  Delights, because often that is what it does to realize it.  Wow–look at what He did!

40+ years ago I “dated” a very attractive girl and we were getting close.  I didn’t realize then that I was just a toy to be enjoyed, not a genuine friend.  Another friend took this gal aside and probably told her to “lay off” and stop it.  When I learned of her rude intrusion into my personal affairs…I was offended and quite angry!  But, now, years later I can see God’s Blessing in this.  That event shaped who I was, how I behaved toward my eventual wife, and so much more.  Somehow, I missed all that until just last year.  Yes, it took 40 years to see the Gift in the event.  It was truly a Delayed Delight as I saw so clearly how and what God had done in those events, so many years before.  And, I wonder, how many such things have I never seen, nor will I see?

Probably a lot.  But, I still enjoy looking for those Delayed Delights.

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