Did God…?

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Was God involved in that or did it just happen?  When I got this cool place to live in Portland, was it a gift from God and did He have something to do with it?  We tend to lean toward “yes, of course He did!” on larger stuff.  Jobs, homes, cars, spouses.  The big stuff is easy to attribute to God.  And, hopefully, we’re aware and grateful for such things.

What about less important things?  Did the used TV I just found for a super price have God’s involvement?  What about that book I’ve enjoyed so much?  The taste of that meal I just consumed?  So, where do we draw that magical line that separates the “God blessed me” from the “it just happened” items.   Let’s see…car or bigger He’s involved, Tv or smaller not?  What if it is a big screen does that change it?  Get’s a bit confusing.

We naturally think He is so big He can’t be involved in any less than the biggest of life’s issues.  Marriage, jobs, houses, cars…we know the stuff–it just seems obvious.  He’s got time and interest in those things and so when they happen we’re aware and grateful.  We may even publicly acknowledge it or put it on Facebook.

The part I find confusing is determining when it is big enough, and when it is just things happening.  Small TV no, big screen yes?  Hmmmm.  What if it isn’t size or value that makes a difference?  What if, it is simply the impact it has on us?  Could that determine whether or not God was involved?  Even a small TV, if it really hit me that it WAS indeed a blessing, could be God involved.  Do my emotions or how much I pay attention make the difference?  So then, what is it that does?  And where is that line that separates so I can know and respond appropriately?   Where is that line…?


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