Things Done For Us


Is it important to realize when someone has done something for us?  Obviously I’m thinking first of all that God does for us.  Seems there’s an illustration that is close to home for me…literally.  When I have a weekend at home I try to do things for my wife, often when she is at work on Sunday.

Several things can happen.  If she sees what I have done–she comments.  “Thanks for doing ______”  Sometimes she doesn’t notice what it is I did while she was at work and I will get a thanks for “everything you did for me”.  Kind of a catch all, she knows I did stuff but hasn’t yet seen it so…”everything you did for me”.

So, here’s the interesting question.  If she doesn’t see something done…is is valueless?  What is the value of something I’ve done that she hasn’t realized?  There is some value, of course, cause it was done FOR HER.

With some things, I just tell her,  “here’s what I did for you…”  And,  I get sincere  thanks from her for whatever it was.  She knows I’ll do stuff….just not specifics of what I did that day. If she asks for something that is the most likely stuff I’d do!  I know its important to her since she actually requested I do it for her.

** But here is the thing I’ve noticed.   When she sees, she uses/avails herself of it, and then she responds…that is the most valuable/meaningful situation!  Isn’t it?  I did something and she sees/enjoys/responds.  It seems to maximize the impact on both of us…


Interesting dynamic between asking, seeing, thanking, feeling loved/blessed…


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