Will God…?


After facing the question of “Did God…?” I found myself also facing the “Will God…?”  Question.  And there IS a huge connection!

How often we find ourselves wondering “Will God”  do this…or that?  I’ve asked, maybe I need, maybe I want…for myself or someone else.  But…Will God…do this thing I’m desiring?  Somehow, it seems if I’ve seen a bunch of “Did God” questions answered with “YES!” it would make believing He Will do the next thing easier.  It seems, yes.  But…

Children of Israel stood and saw God Do great things with the Egyptians following them.  They saw the Red Sea open for them and close on the Egyptians, killing all their enemies.  Wow–what an amazing thing they saw God Do.  Later, as they faced a shortage of water…they probably wondered, “Will God…?”  Will God provide the water we so desperately need?  They faltered and didn’t believe God would…

I’m so much better, right?  I have so many “Did God…?” events in my life, and so very many examples of God causing Good in my life.  And, I falter just like the Children of Israel did.  I’ve always felt they were such idiots to falter and fail to believe after seeing such amazing things  (Like the other miracles in Egypt).  But…

I have so much more.  I have God’s written Word with hundreds of pages of HIS direct communication, countless examples of His activity and miracles, and so many Promises to us as Believers…on top of 40+ years of seeing so many “Did God…?” events…And, I FALTER and fail to believe when faced with “Will God…?” events!!!

So, who is really the idiot?  The Children of Israel, or ME with so much more by way of events and evidence?  Whose failure is worse? Clearly…it is  MINE!!!

I have so very much more than they ever did and…I still falter so many times when I get to “Will God…?”

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