The Mystical Search For God’s Will

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Why is it we seem to always get mystical as we try to discern God’s will?

We all seem to default to looking for mystical signs of God leading us in our decisions.  We behave as if every event MUST have some meaning…we just need to figure it out…Oh, this car has 3 owners–that’s a sign God is saying don’t get this one.  Oh, that guy didn’t call me back for two days, must mean its not my car.  Oh, a new one showed up in Craig’s List–that means…!  Total unmitigated baloney as we try so hard to attribute meaning to every occurrence.

Really?  Does God make our lives a rat’s maze of twists and turns and we need to “discover” what His will is?  God has a “will” for our car?  For our TV?  For our xyz choice?  Really?  Is our calling to be always searching for His will in all these areas, blindly stumbling along watching carefully for the signs…like an old western tracker peering at the ground for footprints and broken twigs to tell him where to go?  Is that how God “leads”?

Or does God give us the freedom to live our lives and make our own choices, glorifying Him by letting His Word be the basis of our thinking.  The choice of car or job or house or rental or vacation spot does NOT need to be vetted by our Father since He can work His will regardless of which choices we make.  And, shocker–He knew what that choice would be in His Omniscience anyway and didn’t need to wait to find out!  He’s Sovereign and not limited by time or not knowing what we’ll choose.  We make our choices and He causes all things to work together for good…as promised.

His will is not which car but which priority.  Grow in Grace and the Knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Be conformed to the image of His Son.  Proclaim His excellencies.  As newborn babes desire the sincere milk of His Word.  Those are His Will, not which car, which job, which vacation…Those are trivial and easily subject to His Sovereign Will and Causation!

So cool to be able to Rest…


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